EU sets stage for retroactive tariffs on Chinese EVs

Mar. 7, 2024

As early as July

The European Commission said this week it found “sufficient evidence” that imports of EVs from China received subsidies, including cash payments, tax breaks and below market pricing of public goods and services.  

The bloc has also started customs registration of Chinese EV imports which opens the way for retroactive duties should the investigation, started in October, conclude that Beijing’s support for the industry was unfair.  

While the investigation officially wraps up in November, the EU could impose interim measures and trade sanctions as soon as July.  

Last week, the UK was reported to have started its own investigation into Chinese EV imports. 

Another blow to Tesla’s European expansion

Adamas take:

Adamas Intelligence data shows that in 2023, almost a fifth of all GWhs delivered to EV buyers in Europe, including Britain and non-EU states, were contained in China-made EVs and packs.  The majority were non-Chinese brands including Dacia, BMW and Tesla.   



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