Battery Materials

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Lithium fields in the atacama desert in chile, south america a surreal landscape where batteries are born

Helping Clients Make Data-Backed Decisions

Spend less time collecting, analyzing, and fact-checking data, and more time making informed decisions.


Battery metals markets

From mine/brine to final end-use applications. Covering lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, graphite and more.


EVs, batteries and cell chemistries

Intel on EVs, battery packs, cell suppliers, cell chemistries, end-of-life supply, global electrification strategies, targets and more.

Proven trusted2

Trusted by industry leaders

Relied on by leading OEMs, cell suppliers, cathode makers, miners, recyclers, investors, and governments on six continents.

Custom Project?

We regularly complete custom consulting projects to address client-specific needs:

  • Feasibility study assistance, market forecasts
  • Competitive landscape analyses, investor due diligence
  • Government support, management and strategy consulting


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