Free Report: Contrasting Industrial Policies of the US, EU and China

Jun. 18, 2024

Laissez-faire in the US and Europe, targeted policy in China

In this complimentary white paper, ex-Tesla battery vertical integration expert Aleem Ladak contrasts the industrial policy approaches of the US and Europe versus China over the past two decades and offers recommendations for the former in their bid to catch up and compete with China.

Specifically, the report looks at how China leveraged industrial policy in the 2000s to tame metals price volatility for domestic manufacturers, and subsequently move downstream in the decade to follow, amassing a large lead in strategic metals-intensive industries, such as EVs and batteries.

The study examines the respective responses of the US and EU – namely the Inflation Reduction Act and the Critical Raw Materials Act – and shines light on perceived boons and boondoggles of each that policy makers should be mindful of.

“Like those of China, US and EU reserves of key battery materials are insufficient to meet future demand volumes. Not only will the US require supplies from existing free trade partners, it will likely also need supplies from additional nations not currently covered by free trade agreements.” 

– Aleem Ladak, ex-Tesla | Battery Metals Supply Chain Expert at Adamas Intelligence




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