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Introducing the EV Battery Lithium Monthly intelligence service

The most detailed, informative service of its kind

The ‘EV Battery Lithium Monthly’ is a new subscription-based monthly report and data service for tracking end-to-end, market-moving developments across the global EV, battery and lithium supply chain.

Every monthly report contains a deep dive into global EV battery and lithium markets, including comprehensive, opinionated analyst insights on the latest developments in supply, demand, prices, trade and policy across the supply chain.

A must-have intelligence service

A must-have intelligence service for automakers, cell suppliers, CAM and pCAM makers, lithium producers, explorers, institutional investors, government agencies and other stakeholders with a professional interest in the EV, battery and lithium industries.

Every report contains a detailed analysis of the latest monthly market data, plus an additional 12 months of historical data for context and comparison.

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