Top 5 EV models by cobalt deployed in Q3 2023

Dec. 3, 2023

Model Y retained top spot despite strong uptake of LFP-equipped version

In the third quarter of 2023, a total of 14,996 tonnes of cobalt  were deployed onto roads globally in the batteries of all newly sold passenger EVs combined, 10% more than the same quarter the year prior, according to Adamas Intelligence data. 

The Tesla Model Y led the pack in Q3 by a large margin with 1,079 tonnes deployed onto roads worldwide, up 36% over the same quarter the year prior.

The GAC Aion Y crossover claimed a distant second place in Q3 with 492 tonnes deployed, up 94% over the same quarter the year prior.

The Aion Y’s stablemate, the GAC Aion S Plus sedan, came in third place in Q3 with 441 tonnes deployed, up a hefty 108% over the same period the year prior.  

In fourth place, the Zeekr 001 steered 285 tonnes of cobalt onto roads globally in Q3, up 6% over the same period the year prior for the luxury shooting-brake style SUV.

Just a few kilograms behind the Zeekr 001, the Leapmotor C11 captured fifth place with 285 tonnes of cobalt deployed in Q3, up 26% over the same quarter the year prior.

Adamas take:

Tesla’s massive cobalt consumption is especially notable when considering that cobalt-free LFP batteries are now used in over 25% of all Model Ys sold globally (by GWh installed). Had Tesla not switched to LFP for entry level Model Ys, the cobalt consumption of its bestselling vehicle would be nearly triple that of its closest competitor. 



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