Rare Earths Outlook 2022: REE Magnet Prices to Remain High (INN)

Jan. 12, 2022

2022 Will be a Transitional Year, High Prices to Persist

Adamas Intelligence managing director, Ryan Castilloux, recently spoke with INN about the current state of the rare earths market and the outlook for supply, demand and prices in 2022.


Among the key points emphasized:

  • On the supply side there were a couple of surprises in 2021 that led the market to become exceptionally tight through the second half of the year, lifting prices of certain rare earth oxides, metals and alloys to 10 year highs.
  • The MP Materials US magnet plant announcement and related offtake agreement with General Motors was also huge news, as was the announcement of VAC’s intention to do the same.
  • If the global chip shortage eases next year, allowing the auto industry to return to normal, we would expect demand for all major rare earths, including lanthanum and cerium, to grow healthily.
  • In terms of supply, China will almost certainly increase production again in 2022. The extent of these production increases is likely to be influenced by the nation’s comfort regarding the near-term sustainability of feedstock supplies from Myanmar, as well as the US — given MP Materials’ plans to begin domestic processing this year.
  • We’ll see the beginnings of some major changes in 2022 outside of China, and by 2025 should see a more diverse supplier landscape, albeit one still dominated by China at every step of the value chain.

For more information, please refer to the story from INN.


More Information: Rare Earth Magnet Market Outlook to 2030

In this report, we provide a detailed overview of the global NdFeB alloy, powder, magnet and magnet rare earth markets, including a historical breakdown of production, consumption, prices and inventory levels from 2015 through 2019. Next, we unravel the anticipated near-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on world markets and forecast global supply, demand and prices from 2020 through 2030.


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