Top 5 Countries by GWh Increase in EV Battery Capacity Deployed in 2018

Feb. 14, 2019

Top five featuring the usual suspects plus some surprises

As we noted in a recent insight, in 2018, 72.3 GWh of passenger EV battery capacity was deployed globally, an increase of 81% over the year prior, according to a model-by-model build-up using Adamas Intelligence’s “EV Battery Capacity and Battery Metals Tracker”.

In 2018, the five nations that saw the greatest year-over-year increase in passenger EV battery capacity deployed were (in descending order) China, the U.S., the Netherlands, South Korea and Canada. Collectively, these five nations were responsible for 81% of the 72.3 GWh deployed last year.

With the two largest EV markets (by GWh deployed), it’s no surprise that China and the U.S. are among the top five. However, in the case of the Netherlands, South Korea and Canada (all of which were sub-GWh markets in 2017) it’s surprising and encouraging to see them among the top ranks in 2018, with each posting year-over-year growth (in GWh deployed) in excess of 100%.

EV Battery Capacity and Battery Metals Tracker

For more information (and to track the ever-evolving landscape of battery chemistries, cell suppliers and battery metals) subscribe to Adamas Intelligence’s “EV Battery Capacity and Battery Metals Tracker“.


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