Spotlight on Dysprosium: Revving Up for Rising Demand

Apr. 26, 2018

Supply risks mounting says new report from Adamas Intelligence

Looking ahead, dysprosium demand growth will be increasingly driven by global megatrends linked to electric mobility, clean energy, energy efficiency, and automation.

These fast-growing policy-driven sectors will propel global demand to new heights, requiring an unprecedented increase in global production to keep up.

However, as China, the world’s dominant producer of dysprosium, continues to crackdown on unsanctioned production in the nation, Adamas Intelligence believes that global dysprosium production may in fact decrease, emphasizing the need for new sources of supply.

In a new report from Adamas Intelligence we examine the near-term outlook for the global dysprosium market in the context of rapidly growing demand for electric vehicle traction motors, wind power generators, industrial robots, and numerous other applications.

Download a copy of the report: “Spotlight on Dysprosium: Revving Up for Rising Demand


Among the key findings of our research

  • An ongoing government-led crackdown on illegal rare earth mining in China has led to a 34% reduction in global dysprosium oxide production since 2013.
  • Looking ahead, Adamas Intelligence believes that China’s production alone will be insufficient to support global demand growth.
  • In fact, by 2025 China’s demand for dysprosium oxide for electric vehicle traction motors alone will amount to 70% of the nation’s current legal production level, emphasizing the imminent need for new supplies.
  • Outside of China, there are a handful of advanced rare earth development projects with potential to add significant quantities of dysprosium oxide production annually by 2025.
  • If automakers, motor manufacturers, and other end-users of high-temperature NdFeB do not act today to secure long-term supplies, they will soon find themselves amidst a sellers’ market scrambling for rare earth motor metals the same way many are scrambling today for battery metals.


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