The Metals Report: Sorting Reality from Hype in the Crowded Rare Earth Industry

Feb. 20, 2014

Lack of processing capacity outside China has become an elephant in the room

In Febraury 2014 Adamas Intelligence spoke with The Metals Report about the latest developments in the rare earth exploration sector.

Some key points emphasized during the discussion were:

  • The lack of REO separation capacity outside China is a challenge. This has become the elephant in the room few wish to acknowledge. Only five of the 24 most advanced rare earth development-stage projects today plan to produce separated REOs exclusively. That means that as some or all of these 19 other projects near production, this downstream gap in the supply chain will become a major problem.
  • Looking even further downstream at the specific needs of end-users, they’re not necessarily looking for separated oxides or compounds. They want the alloys, the phosphors, the magnets and the other materials that the oxides and compounds are upgraded into. For the most part, the non-Chinese world is generally lacking in those areas too.

Read more about what was discussed in this recent article from The Metals Report.

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