E&T: Rare Earth Elements – The Global Battle for Precious Metals

Mar. 21, 2018

China may become a net-importer of some rare earths by 2020

In March 2018, Adamas Intelligence spoke with E&T, the award-winning monthly magazine published by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (“IET”), about the current state of the global rare earth market.

Some key points emphasized during this communication:

  • China has been actively importing monazite and other mineral concentrates from abroad to support strong demand growth while minimizing domestic resource depletion. At the current rate imports are increasing, we now believe the nation may become a net-importer of some rare earth oxides (such as Nd/Pr oxide) by as early as 2020.
  • Adamas believes that rare earth elements represent the greatest blind spot in the electric vehicle supply chain and supply risks will continue to rise as global demand growth outpaces global production.

Read more about what was discussed in this recent article from E&T.

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