Nikkei Asian Review: Australia’s Lynas Chips Away at Chinese Domination

Jan. 10, 2016

More rare earth price stability likely in 2016

In January 2016 Adamas Intelligence connected with the Nikkei Asian Review for an article titledĀ Australia’s Lynas Chips Away at Chinese Domination.

Among the major points we emphasized:

  • At current price levels, profit margins for most of China’s major producers are “thin to non-existent.”
  • With little-to-no room for prices to drop further, and few near-term reasons for them to rise, more price stability is likely in 2016.
  • Availability of neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium is likely to become increasingly limited from 2016 through 2020 should global production not increase.

Read more about what was discussed in aforementioned article from the Nikkei Asian Review.

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