Reuters: U.S. Leaves Rare Earths, Critical Minerals Off China Tariff List

May. 16, 2019

Last year China was a net-importer of at least seven rare earth oxides (and oxide equivalents)

Earlier this week Adamas Intelligence connected with Reuters about the U.S. again deciding not to include rare earths on a list of imports from China that it will levy tariffs on.

Among the points emphasized:

  • Rare earths are critical to U.S. industry and defense, and with nowhere else to turn for supplies in the near-term, the tariffs would invoke more suffering on U.S. end-users than China.
  • Mountain Pass mine in California produces enough rare earths to meet nearly all of the U.S.’ needs but currently this material is being processed in China thus would be subject to import tariffs upon re-entry into the U.S. had rare earths been added to the latest list.

More Info: Rare Earth Production, Trade and Prices

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