Panasonic Deploys Almost 50% of All EV Battery Nickel Used Globally in 2019 H1

Oct. 7, 2019

Just five cell suppliers responsible for over 85% of all nickel deployed

As supplier of nickel-rich NCA cells to Tesla, and NiMH cells to Toyota, the world’s leading cell supplier by capacity delivered, Panasonic, was responsible for deployment of 48% of all passenger EV battery nickel globally in 2019 H1, according to a new report from Adamas Intelligence, titled ‘State of Charge: EVs, Batteries and Battery Materials‘.

CATL more than quadrupled its nickel deployment year-over-year, lifting its share of global battery nickel consumption to 13% in 2019 H1 from just 5% in 2018 H1.

Similarly, in 2019 H1 LG Chem more-than-doubled its deployment of battery nickel versus the same period the year prior while Chinese EV maker and cell supplier BYD saw its deployment nearly triple.

Collectively, among the 40+ cell suppliers currently active in the global passenger EV market, just five (Panasonic, CATL, LG Chem, BYD and AESC) were responsible for over 85% of the market’s total nickel consumption in 2019 H1.

State of Charge: EVs, Batteries and Battery Materials (Free Report)

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