Nickel Use per EV Up 42% Year-over-Year in 2019 H1

Sep. 30, 2019

Boost driven by strong BEV sales and an ongoing shift to higher-nickel cathode chemistries

In 2019 H1, strong BEV sales relative to HEV sales, plus the industry’s growing adoption of higher-nickel cathode chemistries, resulted in a 42% year-over-year increase in the sales-weighted-average amount of battery nickel deployed per EV, from 8.2 kg in 2018 H1 to 11.6 kg in 2019 H1, according to a new (free) report from Adamas Intelligence, titled ‘State of Charge: EVs, Batteries and Battery Materials‘.

In the decade ahead, as BEV sales growth continues to outpace that of PHEVs and HEVs globally, and longer-range BEVs using cells with higher-nickel cathode chemistries continue to proliferate, we expect that the global sales-weighted-average EV’s battery capacity will continue to expand, and with it, the amount of nickel used per vehicle.

State of Charge: EVs, Batteries and Battery Materials (Free Report)

Adamas Intelligence is pleased to announce the publication of a new biannual report, titled ‘State of Charge: EVs, Batteries and Battery Materials’.

This report is available to all clients and mailing list subscribers.

This report is a must read for anyone with a professional interest in the EV industry or looking to learn more about the forces driving the fast-moving battery and battery materials supply chains.


In this biannual ‘State of Charge’ report, we provide an informative overview of the global EV market’s performance over the past half-year (in this case “2019 H1”) and its implications on the ever-evolving battery and battery materials supply chains.

This overview draws on research and data available to clients through our subscription-based monthly reports and web-based trackers.

Click on the report screenshot above for more information and download a digital copy of the report today.


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