NCM 811 Passenger EV Market Share Increases to 2% in May 2019

Jul. 8, 2019

In May 2019, NCM 811 deployment in passenger EV batteries up 113% over capacity deployed in April

In May 2019, NCM 811 deployment in passenger EV batteries (MWh deployed) was 113% higher than the total capacity deployed in April, according to Adamas Intelligence’s latest “EV Battery Capacity Monthly” report.

This increase lifts the total market share of NCM 811 (by capacity deployed) to 2% in May 2019 at the global level, and 4% for the Chinese market, from just 1% and 2% the month prior, respectively, due to the launch of a number of new EV models in China using NCM 811 cells from CATL (see recent insight from Adamas Intelligence).

While NCM 811 is making steady inroads in China, it’s also becoming clear that it will soon be widely commercialized outside the Middle Kingdom with VW recently telling Reuters that from 2021 onward the automaker will use NCM 811 cells (and presumably also some NCM 622).

For the Chinese market, VW is optimistic about the potential for using the less-energy-dense LFP cathode chemistry because the “necessity for a long operating range is less important in China”, the company told Reuters.

By 2025, VW projects it will need 150 GWh of battery production capacity on lock-down in Europe, and an additional 150 GWh in Asia. By 2030, the company says its appetite for EV battery capacity will double in both markets.

Taking these projections into account, it’s clear that VW alone has potential to boost global NCM 811 deployment by orders of magnitude within the next two to three years and by 2025 will be churning through upwards of 100 GWh worth of NCM 811 cells per annum in Europe and untold amounts in Asia.

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