China’s NdFeB Production Increased 5% in 2018

Jan. 22, 2019

Total production rises to 162,000 tonnes

According to preliminary industry figures cited by Chinese authorities, manufacturers in China produced 155,000 tonnes of sintered NdFeB blanks in 2018, up 5% year-over-year, and around 7,000 tonnes of bonded NdFeB powder, also up 5% over the year prior.

Production up on back of rising consumption

Production in China was buoyed higher by rising demand for electric vehicle traction motors, wind power generators, industrial robots, power tools and energy-efficient appliances.

Overall, Adamas Intelligence estimates that NdFeB consumption in China grew by approximately 6% in 2018 – slightly lower than we forecasted a year ago due to a trade war-induced manufacturing slowdown in the second half of last year.

More than half of sintered NdFeB output was medium- or high-grade

Almost 60% of China’s sintered NdFeB production in 2018 was medium- or high-grade material, a result of the nation’s push to expand medium- and high-grade production capacity in order to capitalize on rising demand for these materials from the automotive, manufacturing and clean energy industries.

Market outlook to 2030

For a detailed breakdown of global NdFeB production, consumption and trade – and forecasts to 2030 – keep an eye out for Adamas Intelligence’s upcoming ‘Rare Earth Market Outlook to 2030’.


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