China’s Exports of NdFeB Magnets Increased 11% in 2018

Feb. 27, 2019

Export volume up 11%, export value up 14%

According to data from China Customs, China’s exports of NdFeB permanent magnets increased 11% in 2018. The nation exported NdFeB magnets to 104 countries in 2018, down from 109 the year prior.

The value of China’s NdFeB exports increased 14% and the sales-weighted average unit price increased 3%, from US $49.14 per kilogram to US $50.40 per kilogram.

As we highlighted in a recent insight, China’s NdFeB permanent magnet production increased by 5% in 2018 while domestic NdFeB consumption increased by approximately 6%, keeping the market tightly balanced, as evidenced by price increases for all 31 NdFeB grades that we cover in 2018 versus the year prior.

Rare Earth Recap 2018: Global Production, Trade and Prices

For more information, including a detailed review of global rare earth production, prices and trade in 2018, keep an eye out for an upcoming report from Adamas Intelligence, titled “Rare Earth Recap 2018: Global Production, Trade and Prices”.


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