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Informed. Objective. Firm. Adamant.
Informed. Objective. Firm. Adamant.
We mine deeper to bring you untapped insights.
In 2011 Adamas Intelligence (“Adamas”) began providing investors, explorers, miners, and technology developers with independent and objective market intelligence on the mining and metals industry’s most critical sectors.
On the premise that knowledge is power, we set out to empower stakeholders with the data-backed insight, understanding, and foresight they need to capitalize on emerging trends and new business opportunities in the critical metals and minerals sectors.
We publish regular “Critical Market Intelligence Reports” that reveal rich, independent, and actionable insights into the most prevalent issues facing our coverage areas. We also provide “Chart Books” containing transparent, visually-insightful charts and figures that enable the user to quickly digest key market and technology trends.
Adamas helps clients tackle their unique challenges and equips them with the knowledge, foresight, and on-going support they need to make informed and impactful business decisions.
Our team is widely networked across the mining, metals, and technology landscape, speaking with hundreds of industry insiders annually to keep at the forefront of intelligence in the critical metals and minerals markets. Our analysts are recognized by industry and sought out by the press as thought leaders in our coverage areas.
The Adamas team embodies a melding of topical expertise and experiential diversity. All Adamas analysts hold advanced degrees in science, engineering, economics, or business, and bring to the table a combination of mining industry and market research experience. It is this breadth and depth that enables us to identify and articulate actionable strategies amidst the daunting uncertainty that pervades the critical metals and minerals space.
Independent, objective, and opinionated as we are, we remain a trusted client-driven advisor that takes tremendous pride in helping clients succeed. If you are faced with major decisions involving critical metals or minerals, we are here to help. Contact us anytime.
Expertise in Critical Metals and Minerals Sectors
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Ryan Castilloux
Founding Director / Exploration Analyst
Phone: +1 347-708-0054
E-mail: rcastilloux@adamasintel.com
Head Office:
104 Lindsley Dr.
Sudbury, Ontario
Canada, P0M 1S0
Our Products Include
- Reports
    - Competitive landscape analyses
    - Supply, demand, and price forecasts
    - Policy and international trade
- Chart Books
    - Supply, demand, and price forecasts
    - Chart-based visualization of technology and market trends
    - Management-style reports tailored for busy executives

- Exploration Project Profiles
    - Techno-economic analyses of exploration projects
    - Data-backed cross-comparisons and project rankings
    - Project benchmarking
    - Investor due diligence
    - Project trackers and dashboardsAdamas%20Intelligence%20-%20Critical%20Metals%20and%20Minerals%20Research/Adamas%20Intelligence%20-%20Critical%20Metals%20and%20Minerals%20Research.htmlAdamas%20Intelligence%20-%20Critical%20Metals%20and%20Minerals%20Research/Adamas%20Intelligence%20-%20Critical%20Metals%20and%20Minerals%20Research.htmlAdamas%20Intelligence%20-%20Critical%20Metals%20and%20Minerals%20Research/Adamas%20Intelligence%20-%20Critical%20Metals%20and%20Minerals%20Research.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2
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