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Scandium Metal and Compounds

While not a lanthanide, scandium is often classified by industry as a rare earth element because of its tendency to concentrate into many of the same minerals. Despite this fact, the majority of scandium produced globally each year comes from wastewater generated during production of titanium. We estimate that current global annual consumption of scandium oxide, or oxide equivalent, is approximately 12 tonnes - nearly all of which is used to produce scandium-aluminum alloys for bicycle components, baseball bats, lacrosse shafts, handgun frames, and other novel end-uses. 

As with rare earth elements, China dominates global production of scandium oxide and has capacity to yield upwards of 50 tonnes per annum. China’s production, along with historic scandium stockpiles in Russia, will be sufficient to satisfy the scandium market’s demand growth in the near-term but new, primary sources of supply are needed to support projected long-term scandium demand from the aerospace and automotive industries.

Current market trends and challenges:

    Nascent market with major growth potential

    Dominated by Chinese byproduct producers

    Overcapacity to erode prices in near-term     Supply security and price uncertainty a concern for users

    Currently most demand from novel uses of alloys

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