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Globally around 15 million tonnes of manganese is produced annually, 98% of which is used for making alloys, steels, and slag. Small yet nascent applications for manganese oxide exist in the production of batteries, with the highest growth potential coming from its application in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. More than 9 million tonnes of global manganese production annually comes from politically risky nations, such as China, Brazil, Gabon, and South Africa. Manganese is the fourth-most traded metal globally and there are no comparable substitutes for its use in major applications. With around 8 kg of manganese in every tonne of steel produced globally, demand growth for manganese is linked to global industrial growth and urbanization. As urban populations continue to swell and industrialize demand for manganese will continue to grow robustly through 2020 with a high risk of electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) shortages by 2018 resulting from high demand from applications in hybrid and electric vehicle batteries.

Current market trends and challenges:

   98% of global production used in alloys, steels, and slag

   2% of production used in nascent battery applications

   Demand linked to industrialization and urban growth     More than 50% of supply from politically risky countries

    High risk of EMM shortages by 2018

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