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Rapidly growing demand and promising industrial applications have more than doubled prices for high-quality flake graphite in recent years, reaching as high as $3,000 per tonne in 2011 before a sharp correction cut prices in half. Still priced at a healthy $1,400 per tonne, graphite is poised to experience soaring demand through 2020 and beyond. With ten times as much graphite in a lithium-ion battery as there is lithium, graphite demand growth will be largely driven by sales of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, but will also see growing demand from aviation, plastic, iron and steel,  and energy storage industries, as well as applications in nuclear power. Given that China is responsible for over 70% of global graphite production annually, and that only 40% of the graphite mined globally is the flake variety used in batteries, production shortages are imminent through the end of the decade and supply risks are very high as the world shifts to cleaner energy sources and more sustainable means of transportation.

Current market trends and challenges:

    Flake graphite prices doubled in recent years

    Lithium-ion battery demand a major driver

    China produces more than 70% of annual supply     Only 40% of graphite mined is variety used in batteries

    Promising industrial applications to bolster future demand

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