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We are the go-to source for intelligence and advice on critical metals and minerals sectors.
The Adamas Intel team is always just a phone call, e-mail, or instant message away. In fact, we stay connected on an ongoing basis to many of our clients via Skype so we can address their strategic and time-sensitive inquiries without hesitation. Adamas analysts prize client relationships and are sought out by executives, technology developers, and government leaders as ‘go-to’ advisors for critical metals and minerals intelligence.
If you are facing major decisions involving critical metals and minerals, or are looking to engage in the sectors, Adamas’ analysts have the breadth of expertise and depth of industry awareness to help you capitalize.
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Ryan Castilloux
Founding Director / Industry Analyst
Phone: +1 347-708-0054
Skype: ryanofcanada
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Phone: +1 347-708-0054
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Skype: ryanofcanada
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