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Adamas Intelligence is an independent research and advisory firm focused on markets for critical metals, minerals, and other materials. 

We provide strategic advice and data-backed intelligence to exploration companies, investors, technology developers, and government agencies on six continents.

Our market coverage spans from exploration through to end-use, along with pricing, policy, and international trade.

Our research, reports, and forecasts are used widely by business leaders from all facets of industry as a basis for making informed strategic decisions involving critical metals, minerals, and other materials.

Types of projects we help our clients with:

    8  Forecasting long-term supply, demand, and prices
    8  Analyzing global supply chains and individual market participants
    8  Analyzing competitive landscapes of producers
    8  Analyzing competitive landscapes of exploration projects
    8  Techno-economic due diligence for prospective investments
    8  Business model development and strategy consulting
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Latest Reports and Chart Books
Expertise In Critical Metals and Minerals Sectors
Our informative and data-rich “Reports”, “Chart Books”, and “Exploration Project Profiles” shed light on the latest technology and market trends informed leaders need to be aware of.
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05-21-2015 Much Ado About Rare Earth Taxes: What You Need to Know About Tax Changes in China (more info)
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10-01-2014 Rare Earth Market Outlook: Supply, Demand, and Pricing from 2014 through 2020 (more info)
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