Much Ado About Rare Earth Taxes: What You Need to Know About Changes in China
In this report we examine the cost structures of two rare earth element concentrate producers in China to gain an understanding of how resource taxes have historically impacted production costs and rare earth oxide prices in the nation, and to examine how changes to China’s rare earth resource tax regime will impact these cost structures, and ultimately rare earth oxide prices going forward.

This briefing builds on research and analysis presented in a 573-page report published by Adamas Intelligence in October 2014, titled “Rare Earth Market Outlook: Supply, Demand, and Pricing from 2014 through 2020”, and precludes the release of a “Rare Earth Market Outlook Update” in June 2015.

Our upcoming “Rare Earth Market Outlook Update” will expand further on the implications of rare earth resource tax reform currently underway in China, with specific coverage of other production regions not examined herein. The impending update will also provide updated forecasts of rare earth supply, demand, and pricing for the period spanning 2015 through 2020.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015
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