Rare Earth Market Outlook Update: Supply, Demand, and Pricing from 2015 through 2020
In this report, we review the global rare earth market in 2014, detailing estimates of global rare earth production and consumption by oxide, region, and end-use category, along with annual average rare earth prices for both Chinese domestic and Chinese export markets.

Next, we review key developments observed over the first half of 2015, including quota, tax, and tariff changes in China, as well as the ongoing financial woes of Molycorp, and analyze the unfolding implications of these developments on global rare earth supply, demand, and prices going forward.

Finally, we examine three distinct supply, demand, and pricing scenarios for the period spanning 2015 through 2020 with consideration given to recent tax and tariff changes in China, as well as uncertainty at Molycorp that we believe could see the company cease production in the U.S. as early as 2016.

This report builds on the vast breadth and depth of research and analysis presented in Adamas Intelligence’s client-acclaimed “Rare Earth Market Outlook” report published in October 2014 and is an invaluable resource for rare earth explorers, producers, end-users, investors, and other industry participants with a professional interest in the global rare earth market.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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