Yttrium Shortages are Imminent: Illuminating Opportunities for Players to Stay Engaged
Yttrium oxide (Y2O3) is the critical enabler of energy efficient lamps, ubiquitous electronic devices, and other advanced materials used in defense, aerospace, energy infrastructure, and medical applications. Critical as it may be, the market has been hampered by a fog of uncertainty because of China’s hegemony over global Y2O3 production. 

In this report, we reveal for the first time estimates of the relative distribution of Y2O3 at China’s ten major production regions, and hind-cast China’s legal and illegal Y2O3 production from 2007 to present. With hindsight in tow, we forecast demand for Y2O3-bearing technologies and materials through 2020, and develop supply-side forecast scenarios to envelope the range of supply-demand imbalances under which the industry will evolve. 

Beyond 2013, supply shortages are imminent in all scenarios and will grow to reach 5,227 tonnes to 14,967 tonnes annually by 2020, depending on near-term developments that will define the supply market’s trajectory. However, amidst impending Y2O3 shortages lucrative opportunities will exist for informed foreign companies to stay engaged in the market. We offer a suite of strategies for non-Chinese players to survive, thrive, and profit through 2020 while alleviating supply risks. 

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Friday, March 1, 2013
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